Paul Conyn’s 1930 Chevrolet Roadster

Customer: Paul Conyn

Lives in: Austrailia

Vehicle: 1930 Chevrolet Roadster

I have been looking for a 1929 – 32 Roadster for the last 8 years. Cadillac, Packard, La Salle, Buick or Chevrolet but it had to be RHD, Dickey Seat, 6 Wheel equipped, 6 or 8 Cylinder Engine. The Cadillac and Packard proved to be too expensive, the Buick I was out bid on and the La Salle was in very poor condition, so the Chevrolet got the nod.
The Chevrolet was purchased in the state of New South Wales (NSW) it was being restored but, the owner passed on. I had it transported the 1480 Km’s to my home in Queensland. The Vehicle needed a fair bit of work to tidy up – Paint, Mechanical, Parts Missing, Accessories, Trim, etc.
I had purchased most of the parts from the Filling Station and the shipping time is about 10-12 Days from the USA to Australia with no damage or loss of parts shipped. The Video/Technical Support from The Filling Station was also an invaluable tool when restoring my vehicle.
I have had the vehicle for a year and only just finished it last week. The hardest parts to find were a RHF Brake Cable and the Breather Pipe from the Oil Filler to the AirCleaner/Carburetor (Gary Wallace – St Louis, Missouri was able to find these second hand parts for me, as I found it near impossible to locate them in Australia.) I don’t know how they did Vehicle Restoration without the Internet in the past.
I had a Panel Beater/Spray Painter/Mechanic work on the vehicle, sometimes it is better to have a professional do the job. 
I do not think I will restore another vehicle, but I would like to get a 1957 Chevrolet Cameo Truck (Completely Restored) for a daily driver and then I can then tow my 1930 Chevrolet Sport Roadster to the distant Car Shows in other States. (The Australian Highways are not as good as the Interstates in the USA, most are single lane with lots of Semi / Tractor – Trailer B doubles, Road Trains, etc).
Finally, I always mention to other Chevrolet / GMC vehicle restorers that “The Filling Station is …… the ONLY place to go to get your Chevrolet / GMC Parts”.

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