Barry & Tami Jo Braz’s 1950

Customer: Barry & Tami Jo Braz, Oregon

Vehicle: 1950 Deluxe

This rusty, can of worms project car, was a gift from my father-in-law. It was his high school dream car. He bought a fixer, started to work on it, and when it was more than he bargained for he just parked it. We brought it to our shop where it sat for 7 years while we dreamed, planned, and saved up some money. We started in earnest in 2012 when I retired. We spent about 3 years on the restoration, one step at a time. There had been a fire under the dash so we started with wiring, then ’74 Corvette 350 engine rebuild, Mustang II front end, chrome, stainless, glass, and finally the fun of picking paint colors, upholstery, and all the trim. Fun times.

We were set to put the car in our local car show in March this year and my father-in-law was coming with us to show and cruise the car in our Graffiti Weekend events in July. Sadly, he was killed in a tragic accident last November before the car was finished. He only saw pictures in progress.

In April, we took the car to Kool April Nites in Redding, CA, and took “Best of Show”. A fitting tribute.

Thank you to The Filling Station for your consideration, and of course for having so many hard-to-find little parts!

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