Bob Nelson’s 1950 Fleetline

Customer: Bob Nelson

Lives in: Ventura, CA

Vehicle: 1950 Fleetline

Bought this car in: 2007

Where did you find this car? This 50 rolled up next to my 50 4 door at car show in Santa Maria, CA. It had a for sale sign on it. It was exactly like I wanted to build another like, all stock looking with no low ride accessories or custom modifications. I am not getting any younger so I took the short cut and purchased the 50.

What condition was it in when you purchased it? About the same but lowered it more and did a slight rim change and some other mechanical changes.

Is there any other work that you would like to do on it? Redo the interior, keeping the original look. I am also going to run original CA. plates when I find a set that can be registered. Running gear is all original, including Powerglide transmission. Going to keep that as is. What was the hardest part to find? Interior original door trims. Still looking for this.

What other vehicles do you own? 1950 Chevy 4 door fleetline, 1950 Chevy hard top

What is your next project? No projects for the future.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about doing a restoration project? Do not disassemble completely when you start your car project. Do mechanical first, worry about the shiny stuff later. Do a little at a time and drive it and do more and drive it. This will keep you motivated by driving your car in between your restoration projects. One last thing, use the Filling Station for your parts needed. They have a good crew and good service along with excellent aftermarket parts.

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