Lahny Podrabsky 1951 Pickup

Customer: Lahny Podrabsky

Lives in: Oregon

Vehicle: 1951 Chevrolet Pickup

How long have you owned this vehicle?
4 Years

Where did you get this Pickup?
Purchased the vehicle in Coeur d ‘Alene, Idaho.  My son,who lived in Idaho, found it advertised in the Nickel ad.

What condition was it in when you got it?
The truck was in pretty good condition when I purchased it. I had to do lots of mechanical things to bring it up to drive safely.  Bought lots of parts from The Filling Station to accomplish this.

What was the hardest part to find?
The parking brake strut on the rear brakes.  I had to fabricate my own  from a piece of 1/4″ rod.

What other vehicles do you own?
I own a 1945 Ford GPW Jeep, 1949 Ford Custom Coupe, 1955 Chev Bel Air Hardtop.

What is your next project?
No more new projects <— THE WIFE SPEAKING.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about doing a restoration project?
Really be dedicated to your project and realize before you get started that restoration is expensive.


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