Tyrone N. Roberts & Bernic Roberts 1954 210 Delray

Customer:Tyrone N. Roberts & Bernic Roberts

Lives in:Mississippi

Vehicle: 1954 210 Delray Chevrolet

How long have you owned this vehicle?
I bought the Chevy from Joephine Williams Dec 20th 1995 for $1600. She and her first husband bought the car at Harvey motor company in liberty, Mississippi on Sept. 11 1954. I have the original bill of sale and the drivers hand book was still in the glove box. Her first husband was J.P. Godbold, he and she were school teachers at east fork school in the 50’s. He died and she remarried to a Williams and moved to brookheaven with the car, Ms. Williams drove the car for 41 years until I bought car in 1995.

What kind of work have you done on this vehicle?
Engine rebuilt, transmission rebuilt, bumpers rechromed, most all parts replaced. Car taken apart and repainted. New carpet, stainless steel polish, hood bird and emblems rechromed and replaced. A complete overhaul of the Chevy, Charles Holmes, and myself doing all the work. We completed the work in 2004. 

What was the hardest part to find?
Door latches, striker plates

What other vehicles do you own?
1986 Chevy Silverado with 58,000 miles.

What is your next project?
Repaint part of the Silverado

What advice do you have for people thinking about doing a restoration project?
Start with the mechanic, get all that done first, brakes, engine, trans. chassis, next the paint chrome then do the inside, upholstery etc.

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