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Accessories To Dress Up
Your Car Or Truck

By Stephen Kassis

General Motors has always offered Genuine GM Accessories for their vehicle lines. The Chevrolet Division was no exception. Each individual year had different accessories that were offered for both cars & trucks. Some of these accessories would be proper for all GM makes (like the GM Locking Gas Cap) and some were specific just to the individual makes (like radiator or hood ornaments). Some accessories are nice dress up items and some are truly functional to improve safety. All accessories will improve driving enjoyment in your classic Chevy.

There are reproduction Accessory Brochures and Accessory Price Lists for most years from 1932 and newer. Accessory Installation Manuals are available for most years from 1949 and newer. These brochures, lists & manuals are a good source of information as to what accessories were available for each vehicle. Look them over to decide which accessories you might want to add to yours.

Once it is determined which accessories you would like, the next step is to find them! Swap meets, garage sales, estate sales, auctions, Ebay, CraigsList, car clubs and fellow car club members are all possible sources for GM accessories. In addition, many hard to find accessories have been reproduced, due to high demand.

On occasion you may find a NOS (New Old Stock) item still in the GM Accessory box. There is a book that can help you identify what year the accessory fits. This book is the 1929-1978 GM/Chevrolet Accessory Parts List (DG-178 or DG-178CD). This book lists a description of the GM Accessory, part number and the year that the accessory was designed to fit. It is an enormous help in identifying those rare NOS accessories. This book is available in both print and digital versions.

When your accessory item has been acquired, installing it is the next challenge. The Accessory Installation Manuals will help with this task. Each manual has a compilation of instruction sheets that originally came with the GM accessories in a specific year. If your accessory item is used or the instruction sheet was missing, this book will give you the instructions needed to install it. (Note: not all accessory items are listed in these books).

Some of the more popular GM Accessories that have been reproduced are: Bumper Guards, Hood & Radiator Ornaments, Floor Mats, Parking Lights, License Plate Frames, Inside & Outside Mirrors, Locking Gas Caps, and Radiator Overflow Tanks, Outside Sun Visors, and Traffic Light Viewer, just to name a few.

No matter whether you get NOS, good used or just buy a nice reproduction accessory item for your Chevrolet, it will surely enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your car or truck. Now get out there and start hunting!!

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