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1929-39 Cowl Hoodlace with Wire Installation

By Stephen Kassis

We have been working on a correct replacement for the original hood lace with wire insert that was used on 1929-1939 Chevrolet (and most other GM) cars & trucks. After two years of working with the manufacturer, we have been able to make an exact reproduction piece. This hood lace comes with the wire inserted into it and the fabric is 48" long. The wire insert is 52" long which leaves 3” of wire at each end for anchoring to the cowl. The color of the fabric is a dark brown and each piece has the same contours and dimension of the originals. We are proud to offer this new reproduction to our customers.

Hood lace with wire is not difficult to install. Most installations on the cowl use a small hook to draw the hood lace tight after it is anchored at each end. Others require a screw at the end to anchor the hood lacing.

  1. Locate the small hole in the recess on the side of the cowl. This will be used later in the installation.
  2. Look for two to three holes in the groove on top of the cowl near the hood center rod.
  3. Push the wire through the top of the cowl through the hole that is nearest to the hood center rod.
  4. From underneath the dash, use needle nose pliers and double the wire back and out of the hole furthest away from the hood center rod. Bend the hood lace down to lay flat on the cowl.
  5. Locate the hole closest to the bottom of the cowl.
  6. Trim the fabric of the hood lace (Do not cut the wire) back to the hole and remove the excess fabric.
  7. Bend the wire just enough and push it through the lowest hole on the cowl.
  8. Pull the wire with the pliers through the cowl as tight as possible. Note: you may have to trim additional fabric from the wire
  9. As before, use needle nose pliers and double the wire back and out of the hole furthest away from the lower hole. Keep the wire as tight as possible before bending at 90 degrees.
  10. The hole located in step 1 is for a small tensioning hook. This hook will be used as final tensioning of the hood lace for a clean installation.
  11. Poke a small hole in the hood lace (next to the wire) directly in line with the small hole.
  12. Push the threaded end of the hook through the hole with the hook end over the wire.
  13. Install washer and nut and tighten down until the hood lace is taut.
  14. Repeat on the other side.

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