"Great place to go when restoring old cars and an easy way to do Christmas shopping." –Graeme Jackman, Australia

"Just wanted to thank all of you for your help and professional input on the restoration of my 1966 Chevy panel truck. Not one part was incorrect ñ Not one shipping date was missed. You folks truly know your business." –Coe Meyer, SD (Gypsie Vintage Cycle)

"I am so happy to see that there is still a company out there providing parts at such a good price. I'm so glad that I found The Filling Station, I am sure that I will be a repeat customer!" –Jose Martinez Jr., MO

"Without access to the Internet and the help from The Filling Station it would have been a battle to restore my 1930 Chevrolet Sport Roadster. Plus the parts shipment turnaround takes about 10 -12 days to arrive at my door. Fantastic!!!!" –Paul Conyn, Austrailia

"I always keep a copy of your catalog in my car so if anyone looking needs help or parts I can refer them to you. The Filling Station has always provided great service and quality parts for my restoration." –Daniel Brinton, NE

"nicest place on the net to do business" –Ward Sorensen, CO

"The Filling Station provides a much needed source of antique Chevrolet parts" –Dwayne Porter, FL

"Thank you for perfect support in keeping my old bucket of bolts running. I could never imagine it would be cheaper to run a 71 year old Chevy than a 20 year old VW." –Stefan Hammermayer, Germany

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Tech Videos

1947-55 1st Series Chevy
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1967-72 Pickup
1967-72 Chevy Pickup
Vent Window Restoration


R-blox and Dynamat Installation
DIY Sound
Dampening Installation


Chevrolet Pickup Door Hinge Repair
Chevrolet Pickup
Door Hinge Restoration


Chevrolet Pickup Door Hinge Repair
1929-1932 Chevrolet
Hood Removal


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