Installing Hoodlace On 1929-1933 Radiator Shells

By Stephen Kassis

1929-1932 Chevrolet cars & 1929-1933 trucks use hoodlace on the radiator shell that is held in place with split rivets. Installation is a very easy project and uses simple tools: a flat blade screwdriver, ice pick or awl, small offset pliers, and large offset pliers. Installations take 6 feet of FS-118 hoodlace and 20 FS-11683 rivets.

The radiator should be installed into the radiator shell (use FS-499 hardware kit) before starting to install the hoodlace. This is because access to the mounting screws will be limited after the hoodlace is installed. Begin by setting the end of the hoodlace at the edge of the hood hinge bracket at the top of the radiator. Locate the first rivet hole in the shell. Poke a hole in the center of the hoodlace with the ice pick and enlarge the hole with an awl. Make the hole large enough for the split rivet to fit through easily.

Install a split rivet. Using the flat blade screwdriver, spread the ears of the rivet in opposite directions. Use the small offset pliers to further spread these ears. Finally, use the large offset pliers to flatten the rivet. Move to the next hole and align the ice pick about 1/16″ short of the next hole. Poke through and push the ice pick into the hole and slightly stretch the material to keep it snug. Install the next rivet as above. Repeat this process on the rest of the holes. At the lower edge of the shell, trim off the excess hoodlace and the project is finished. Be sure that each rivet head is seated tightly in the center of the two bumps on the hoodlace to prevent damage to paint on the hood.