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- May 2018 -
 Trivia Question
Chevrolet Trivia
What was the first Chevrolet car to feature 
door-lock buttons on the window sills?

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 Trivia Question
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David Cavagnaro

1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe ~ Sport Sedan
Purchased October 1974
Driven as primary transportation November 1974 to December 1982 covering over 86,000 miles. At that time she was retired to Antique Status.
Restoration started November 1998 ~ Completed June 2002
This car was restored with the purpose of touring in mind.
To reach that goal a number of features have been added and others modernized in order to provide a safe and comfortable tour vehicle.
As of May 2017, a total of 60452 miles have been traveled visiting Twenty Seven States and Canada!

This story begins many years ago, in 1974. We had just moved to New Jersey with a job transfer. My work location, the AT&T Management Training Center located in the Governor Morris Inn, Morristown NJ was only 8 miles away from home. I thought this would be a great time to buy an old car for my daily commuter to replace the 1962 Falcon that Bennie bought new before we even met........................................................................................Continue Reading

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1929-1934 WATER PUMPS 

Fits all 1929-1931 Chevrolet cars & trucks

Regular Price $179.50 ea
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Fits all 1932-1934 Chevrolet cars & trucks 
(except 1933-1934 Standard)

Regular Price $179.50 ea
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This is a totally new water pump cast from an original Chevrolet water pump.  We removed the original bushings and added sealed bearings to our water pump.  It is made to accept the original grease cup fitting but will not need greasing or oiling!  It is literally

We want to hear about all of the hard work that you put into your classic vehicle!

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1928-1931 Convertible
Rear Window Frame

This is an all new rear window frame for 1928-1931 Chevrolet convertible models (Roadster, Touring, Cabriolet & Landau Phaeton). The frame is made in aluminum and done exacting specifications. Matching wood frame and screws come with each assembly. Does not come with glass. A beautiful finishing piece for your restoration.

Measurements: Aluminum frame - Length 24-3/4", Height 6-3/4"; Wood frame - Length 25-5/8", Height 7-3/4".

1928-1931 RW-547
$295.00 ea

1932-1938 Convertible
 Rear Window Frame

This is the rear window frame for all 1932-1938 Chevrolet convertibles, including Cabriolet, Landau Phaeton, Roadster & Phaeton. Precision machined aluminum, ready for plating, comes complete with wood framing and screws. Does not include glass. A beautiful finishing piece for your restoration. 

Measurements: Aluminum frame - Length 23-15/16", Height in Center 6-1/2"; Wood frame - Length 25-1/2", Height in Center 8-1/4".

1932-1938 RW-168
$375.00 ea



SA-106C......$3.00 ea

..$110.00 ea
Set of 6 pcs

RW-27...$10.95 ea


Early Chevrolet cars & ½ ton trucks 1916-1954 use a torque tube with a propeller shaft instead of an open driveshaft that was used starting in 1955. This design worked to stabilize the rear axle and hold the propeller shaft that is inside the tube. If properly maintained, the bushing in the front of the tube will last many thousands of miles. However, the gear oil which lubricates the U-joint and driveshaft bushing will often leak, causing the bushing to run dry. Failure of this bushing can cause a vibration in the propeller shaft and may even cause the U-joint to fail.   The first part of this article will discuss the procedure to replace the torque tube bushing on a 1930-33 passenger car. However, the procedure is similar on all bushings that were held in with dowel pins, up through 1950.

These bushings can be replaced in the vehicle or on the workbench. Though it is easier to do with the propeller shaft removed, it is not absolutely necessary. Disconnect the torque tube from the transmission. Be sure to support the tube with a floor jack because there is a lot of downward pressure on the tube. Disassemble the U-joint and drop the torque tube down below the transmission. Remove the U-joint and slide the ball housing off of the tube. Wipe down the outer housing with solvent and dry it off (Fig. 1). Note that the dowel pin that holds the bushing in place is at the top of the tube, just behind the slot.

Drill out the dowel pin (Fig. 2) but be cautious not to drill too deep as you may damage the propeller shaft. Once the pin is out, drive the bushing forward and out of the tube (Fig. 3 & Fig. 4). Down inside the tube is a cork seal that is most likely very deteriorated, if it is there at all. Directly behind the seal is a flat metal washer (Fig. 5). If you are working with the propeller shaft in place, use a long skinny screwdriver to break up the remainder of the cork gasket. Compressed air will blow the fragments out of the tube. Be sure to get the inside of the tube completely clean in order to get a good installation of the new bushing and seal. If the propeller shaft has been removed from the tube, you can use a hooked tool to remove the flat washer (Fig. 6). Clean the inside of the tube of all residue

Run a finger carefully over the splines of the propeller shaft. If you can feel raised, sharp edges, use a flat file or emery cloth to dress the edges and smooth them out (Fig. 7). This will prevent sharp edges on the propeller shaft from damaging the bushing or seal when they are installed.
The order in which to install the new bushing and seal (Fig. 8) is v..................CONTINUE READING

1929-54 U-Joint Seal Kit For STD Transmissions
(EXC 33-36 STD)
$14.50 set

1950-54 U-Joint Seal Kit-Power Glide Transmission
$17.50 set

Torque Tube Bushing Puller 
$69.50 ea 


V-102 Torque Tube Bushing
$99.50 ea

V-105 Torque Tube Bushing
$99.50 ea

V-106 Torque Tube Bushing 
$39.50 ea

1916-1933 Car & Pickup Drive Shaft 
Front Seal.....................$7.50 ea

1916-29 Car & Pickup Drive Shaft 
Bushing & Dowel...........$39.50ea

1929-50 Drive Shaft Bushing 
Dowel Pin..............$3.00 ea

1934-36 Car & Pickup Drive 
Shaft Seal...........$8.50 ea

600W Gear Lubricant 
Quart.........$8.75 qt


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Chevrolet Trivia Answer

1933 Eagle was the first Chevrolet car to feature door lock knobs on the window sills.

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