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Collector Car Appreciation Day 2018 

Bring Your Old Car or Truck (all makes welcome) and Join us this Friday, July 13th, 2018 from 3pm to 6 pm right here at The Filling Station 990 S. 2nd St., Lebanon OR. We are celebrating Collector Car Appreciation Day and we will have a BBQ, Music, Discounts on Parts and much more!! 

The United States Senate helped launch the holiday by passing Senate Resolution 513 as a way to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. Please stop by with you collector car to help us celebrate this exciting event.

We want to hear about all of the hard work that you put into your classic vehicle!

 Send your photos and stories. Your vehicle could be featured in a future catalog or newsletter. 

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1937-1962 Fenton Headers

The reproduction Fenton Headers for 216, 235 & 261 CID Chevy engines will give you a split manifold without all of the work!  This popular 1950's custom engine modification gives a distinctive sound to your early Chevrolet Six Cylinder engine. Also available is a Fenton Dual Intake Manifold.

RETAIL PRICE..........$199.95 set
SALE PRICE.............$174.95 set



1936-1940 Oval Bumper
Bolt SS Capped 
GM-A1834......$7.95 ea

1939 Truck Grille 
Center Strip
GR-143...$64.50 ea

One of the most misunderstood parts on early Chevys is the closed driveline torque tube. Over the 40 years we have sold parts for these vehicles, I have come across dozens of restorers and professional mechanics that do not understand the basics of adjusting & maintaining them.
Closed driveline manual transmission U-joints from 1929-1954 Chevrolet passenger cars & ½ ton trucks are designed to be lubricated by GEAR OIL only. Do not use grease!   Most transmissions have a separate fill plug at the rear above the U-joint ball housing. This plug is to fill the ball housing after assembly. Some transmissions without fill plugs must be filled through the speedometer drive gear opening. YOU MUST MANUALLY FILL THE BALL HOUSING WITH GEAR OIL - DO NOT RELY ON THE GEAR OIL IN THE TRANSMISSION TO FILL THIS HOUSING. IT WILL BE TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!
A common misconception is that this type of U-joint must be tight, if not, it is bad.......Not So! Actually, closed driveline U-joints are supposed to be loose to allow clearance for gear oil lubrication. For this reason, checking the fluid level in the ball housing is very important when doing regular maintenance on your old Chevy. To be clear, sideways movement is to be expected and is normal. However, torsional movement - that is when the front and rear yoke are twisted against each other - is not acceptable. There should be very little movement when it is twisted back and forth. This would indicate a bad U-joint.
To check the U-joint, disassemble the rear yoke from the front yoke. Inspect the trunnion (center cross) and bushings for wear. The wear will be obvious in a bad U-joint assembly and most noticed at the studs of the trunnion. A common cause for a bad U-joint is lack of lubrication. A U-joint repair kit will replace everything except the front and rear yokes.
Another cause of U-joint or bushing failure in our old Chevys is gear oil running down to the differential because the seal in the torque tube is no longer doing its job. This seal is supposed to keep gear oil in the U-joint ball housing to lubricate the U-joint and torque tube bushings. When this seal fails, gear oil in the ball housing will run down to the differential. This has bad effects - it overfills the differential, lowers the gear oil level in the transmission and can cause the rear axle seals to leak. It also causes lack of lubrication where it is needed in the U-joint area. This allows friction and heat to build and destroy the bushings and U-joint components. Installing a new bushing & seal assembly will resolve................Continue Reading


1929-54 U-Joint Seal Kit For STD Transmissions
(EXC 33-36 STD)
$14.50 set

1950-54 U-Joint Seal Kit-Power Glide Transmission
$17.50 set

Torque Tube Bushing Puller 
$69.50 ea 


Torque Tube Bushing
$99.50 ea

Torque Tube Bushing
$99.50 ea

Torque Tube Bushing 
$39.50 ea

1916-1933 Car & Pickup Drive Shaft 
Front Seal.....................$7.50 ea

1916-29 Car & Pickup Drive Shaft 
Bushing & Dowel...........$39.50ea

1929-50 Drive Shaft Bushing 
Dowel Pin..............$3.00 ea

1934-36 Car & Pickup Drive 
Shaft Seal...........$8.50 ea

600W Gear Lubricant 
Quart.........$8.75 qt


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