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 Trivia Question
Chevrolet Trivia
If you found a Chevy hood with three slanted doors on each side,
what would it fit?
Look for the answer at the bottom of this newsletter
 Trivia Question
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Collector Car Appreciation Day 

Bring your vintage car and join us for Collector Car Appreciation Day Open House & Cruise-In on Friday July 12th from 3 to 6:00 PM. This event will be held at The Filling Station which is located at 990 South Second Street in Lebanon, Oregon. Join us for hot dogs and bratwurst. Have photos of your vehicle taken and a random discount game at checkout. All makes and models of collector vehicles are welcome!
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Touring With Your Old Car
Stephen Kassis

Driving our vintage cars is becoming more popular these days.  Special car tours, like the VCCA 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder tours, have increased interest in touring with our old cars.  Local clubs and regions are having 100-200 mile weekend tours.  Add to that safety items like turn signals, LED tail lights, and seat belts all of which have made driving the old cars safer and more enjoyable. 

Overdrives or higher geared differentials are allowing our old cars to keep up with traffic on today's modern roads.  Of course, higher speeds require more caution when driving.  Keep extra distance between yourself and the vehicles around you.  This is especially important with mechanical brake cars as stopping distances are much higher in these vehicles.
 Many car clubs now are acknowledging those of us that take our vintage cars out and drive them.  They are not just for car shows anymore!  Touring is a great way to have fun with the old cars.  No trophies here, but plenty of fun, good times and fellowship with other club members.  It is also a great way to create interest in our hobby and recruit new members.  Seeing our beautiful countryside is a fantastic benefit of driving the old cars.

What does it take to get your old car ready for touring?  It depends on the age of your car.  Older cars take a little more preparation to drive on long tours than your daily driver.  Early cars, prior to 1937, require more maintenance to be driven long distances than later cars.  Preparing a 1931 Coupe for touring is more involved than a 1956 pickup.  Be aware that the early cars were designed to be driven on roads that were much different than what we have today.  Early water pumps, generators, distributors and starters have to be lubricated on a regular basis.  In addition, early water pumps require adjustment to the packing nut to prevent leaking and possible overheating of the cooling system. 

Prior to driving your old car on a long tour, there are a number of items that need to be checked.  This will be an outline checklist of long distance tour necessities.  Customize this list for your own individual car or truck.  Keep in mind that most of the maintenance items are things you should be doing whether you are driving your car on long distance tours or just for a fun Sunday drive.  Of course, the frequency will ....................Continue 


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Chevrolet Trivia Answer
The hood would be for a 1933 Eagle (Master)

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Vintage Chevrolet Club of America
The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America is a great car club. Founded in 1961 VCCA has over 8,000 members in the USA and overseas dedicated to the restoration of Chevrolet cars and trucks. They have a world-class monthly magazine and a hugely helpful chat site: VCCA Chat. Here you can find assistance from other members with similar vehicles. You can also check out the club website at VCCA.org