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 Trivia Question
Chevrolet Trivia

How many bars are there in a 1948-53 truck grille (conventional models)? 


Look for the answer at the bottom of this newsletter

 Trivia Question
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Featured Customer Vehicle
Fernand Lecompte's 1931 Chevrolet.

Owner: Fernand Lecompte

Year of vehicle: 1931

How long have you owned this vehicle?
25 years.
Where did you get this vehicle? What is the story behind the vehicle?

Québec city Canada ....Private car Family use.
What condition was it in when you got it?

 All original whit 60000 miles no rust 
What kind of work have you done on this vehicle?

 All restored with original engine  transmission and differential.
Is there any other work that you would like to do on it?
 Just run and maintenance work...................


This is the 1938-39 passenger car & pickup accessory small bumper guard.  Chrome plated.  Does not come with hardware, see 
GR-38B.  Sold individually - 2 required per bumper.  Replaces GM# 597827.

$125.00 ea.

We want to hear about all of the hard work that you put into your classic vehicle!

 Send your photos and stories. Your vehicle could be featured in a future catalog or newsletter. 

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Business Coupe, Coupe Pickup & Sedan Delevery

This mild steel, die stamped gas tank is made to fit all 1937-1940 Chevrolet Business Coupes, Coupe Pickup & Sedan Delivery. It has galvanized steel for maximum rust protection and it is painted silver. Overall size is 42" x 21-1/2" x 5-3/4". It accepts stock and aftermarket GM pattern sending units. The two piece neck design comes with rubber connecting hose. Oversized 3/8" NPT fuel feed and drain plug are in the stock locations. Tank capacity is 18 gallons. This tank is made for Chevy cars with the tank inside the car.

$300.00 ea.

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RV-81 1933-35 Passenger Rear 
Bumper braces...................$175. pr.
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Short Shaft Water Pump Installation
By Stephen Kassis

Installing a 1955-1962 Chevrolet 235 CID engine into a 1954 or earlier Chevrolet car or truck is a common upgrade.  These newer engines have pressure fed bearings which make them much more dependable than the earlier dipper type oiling systems.  One of many things that must be changed is the water pump.  The late 235 engines have a long shaft water pump and it must be shortened to fit into the early engine compartment. 

There are a couple of options to accomplish this task.  However, just installing a shortened water pump into the engine is not the only problem that must be overcome.  The short shaft water pump will cause interference between the fan blade and the harmonic balancer if the stock fan blade is used.  This changeover requires use of a flex fan blade which is a narrow profile and 17" diameter.  The new six blade flex fan will pull as much air as the stock fan blade, yet it is half as wide as the stock fan.  Clearance from the front of the fan blade to the radiator should be around one inch.

There is a drawback to the shortened shaft water pump.  The water pump on late 235 engines is mounted lower than the earlier engines.  By merely shortening the water pump shaft, the fan blade on the newer engine will sit lower than the stock engine fan.  No longer will it be in the middle of the radiator.  An alternate method is to use a special adapter plate to mount a 1953-1954 water pump onto the front of the newer engine.  This setup allows the use of the original fan blade and also keeps the fan in the original position. 

The adapter plate comes with detailed instructions but does require drilling and threading two additional holes in the front of the block for mounting.  Once the plate is installed, the water pump will bolt on just like a factory set up.  Re-use the 1954 or earlier original fan blade and it will then be located in the original position in the vehicle.
Whichever method is used, changing to a late model 235 CID engine will give a horsepower and performance boost to your old Chevy.

Water Pump Parts  
1955-62 235/261 CI New Water Pump
Short Shaft W/Black Pulley
................$139.50 ea. 

1955-62 235/261 CI New Water Pump
Short Shaft W/Chrome Pulley
................$139.50 ea.

1955-66 Car and Truck Flex Fan 17"
OD-Aluminum..............$44.50 ea
1953-55 Car & Truck 
Water Pump - New...............$129.50 ea
1955-62 Water Pump Conversion Plate.....$45.00 ea.
1947-53 Truck/ 49-54 Passenger 
Radiator hose for 235 Conversion...$27.50ea.
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Chevrolet Trivia Answer
The 1947-53 trucks had 5 bars.  

All Black.........................$319.50 ea

All Chrome.....................$485.00 ea

Chrome Black bars........$365.00 ea

Chrome with Creme bars......$395.00 ea

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Vintage Chevrolet Club of America
The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America is a great car club. Founded in 1961 VCCA has over 8,000 members in the USA and overseas dedicated to the restoration of Chevrolet cars and trucks. They have a world-class monthly magazine and a hugely helpful chat site: VCCA Chat. Here you can find assistance from other members with similar vehicles. You can also check out the club website at VCCA.org