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- September 2017 -
 Trivia Question
Chevrolet Trivia

How can you tell if an early Chevy has correct radiator tanks?


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 Trivia Question
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Featured Customer Vehicle
Larry Beary's 1928 Chevrolet.

Where do you live : Jefferson, Oregon

Year of vehicle : 1928

Model : Landau Coupe

How Long have you owned this vehicle? Since 1982

Where did you get this vehicle? What is the story behind the vehicle?  
I found the vehicle in Tracyton, Washington. I paid $1500.00 and everyone of my family & friends told me, why did you buy that rust bucket.  We took a few pictures on the trailer and a few in the storage garage.  The fellow was going to sell his place and wanted to clean up.  He asked me if I wanted an engine in it that ran or an engine that had a title.  I opted for the title engine.  All the numbers matched and the car and the numbers had never been updated, remodeled.  It was an unmolested 1928 Coupe. I loaded it up and brought it home and put it in dry storage until 2001 when I started the restoration at my home in Jefferson................................................CONTINUE READING.

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We are currently looking for supplies of brake shoe cores for 1930-1932 Chevrolet passenger cars & ¬Ω ton trucks. We will pay $5.00 per shoe or $100.00 for a complete set of 12 shoes (including emergency brakes). 

Another needed item is used pushrods for 1931-1932 engines. These must be straight for us to buy them. We will pay $6.00 per pushrod for good used parts.

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1973 to 1987 Truck Sequential LED Tail Light Assemblies
SEQ-305 Specify Right OR Left 
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This sequential LED tail light assembly fits 1973-1987 Chevrolet & GMC Fleetside trucks as well as 1973-1991 Suburbans, Blazers & Jimmys.  This epoxy coated, fully sealed assembly features 56 super bright red LEDs and 12 white LEDs with a polycarbonate lens.   The sequential operation selector switch allows for the sequential feature to toggle off or on with ease.   When using this assembly it is recommended to upgrade to FS-250A under dash flasher.  Please specify left or right when ordering.

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RW-297 1931-47 Car Engine Oil Filler Cap.................$12.50 ea. 


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By Stephen Kassis
A thermostat seems a pretty insignificant item when it comes to the operation of an engine.  However, it can mean the difference from a cool running vehicle to an overheated nightmare. 
Recently, my 1989 Caprice Station Wagon was experiencing overheating issues.  An overheated engine - especially in a vintage car or truck - can cause severe damage to the cylinder head, valve springs, hydraulic lifters or even the engine block.  It is vitally important that a vehicle that is running hot is cured of the problem as soon as possible. 
In this case, I replaced the radiator (which was old and leaking anyway), fan belts, hoses, water pump and the thermostat.  None of this seemed to help.  The symptoms were simple - at high speed, 65-70 mph for long distances, the temperature gauge would rise to 240-260 degrees.  If the vehicle slowed down or stopped, the engine would cool right down.  I lived with this situation by only driving the car in town for short runs.  Finally a friend (retired GM factory tech advisor) suggested that I change out the thermostat.  When I explained that I had just done that recently, he asked if I installed a premium grade unit.  Never even heard of a premium grade thermostat, I replied.  So I called and ordered one the next day. 
Several weeks later, after the new thermostat had been sitting on my desk, I had a trip coming up.  Out to the shop I went to change out the thermostat to the new premium grade unit.   Most of my experience working on cars has been with early 1930's vehicles.  So when I opened the hood, I figured this would be a half hour project - NOT!  Wow, I had to remove vacuum lines, fuel line, air cleaner, cruise control, radiator hose and the water outlet that held the thermostat!  What a pain.  I definitely prefer working on the older engines!
After removing the old (new) thermostat it was immediately evident how it differed from the new premium thermostat.  The water flow opening in the old unit was about 35-40% smaller than the new unit.   I was encouraged by the huge difference in the two thermostats.  Could this really be the reason for the heating problems?  I would soon find out as I headed out on my trip the next day.  It was cool and rainy as I started the 200 mile trip - not a particularly good test for heating problems.  However, it wasn't long before the temperature started rising and was soon much hotter than I like to see.  Still, it was not as hot as it had run before.  Maybe the cooler day was preventing overheating?   Time would tell.  I stopped for coffee for about 15 minutes.  After the stop, the car started to run cooler than it had run in months.  Could there have been an air bubble that finally escaped?
Now the car was acting more like expected, still not as cool as it should, but closer to normal than before.  The temp would rise when climbing a grade but cool down on the downhill.  Before it would get hot and stay hot, only cooling down when the car slowed or stopped.  I arrived at my friend's place (retired GM tech guy mentioned earlier) and we popped the hood to take a look.  There was coolant on the manifold.  After checking it out, found that a bracket had gotten jammed and stopped the water..............................Continue Reading


Premium 160* Thermostat - All

Premium 180* Thermostat - All

$8.50 ea.




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Chevrolet Trivia Answer
A year code was stamped into the top of the tank and the name Harrison.


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