Raymond Pederson's
1950 Chevrolet

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Customer: Raymond Pederson

Lives in: Vancouver, BC

Vehicle: 1950 Chevrolet.

My name is Raymond Pederson and I am a retired university professor. My home is Vancouver BC, Canada. I have always loved fifties vintage trucks since growing up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan in the fifties. I have owned several and their major drawback is they are not suited to modern driving conditions. Let's face it, they were farm trucks! My goal for this build (1950 Chevrolet 5 window pickup) was to retain the iconic outward appearance of the 47-53 GM truck while having modern suspension, brakes, drive train and interior cab comfort. I searched for 5 years before finding a 1950 corner window Chevrolet pickup that was unmolested with minimal rust, finally locating one in rural Alberta. My restoration project took me 8 years and involved removing every nut and bolt. Every part of the truck was media blasted and the frame and all non painted surfaces powder coated. I installed Heidts Superide front suspension with power disc brakes and steering with 4 link suspension in the rear. The power train is a GM 350 crate motor, 700R4 automatic transmission and Chevelle differential. The truck was sent for final painting to Jaspers, Langley BC. After reassembling the painted vehicle, I refitted the box floor with 3/4 " oak strips with chrome bed strips, installed the wiring and Old Air heating/air conditioning unit. Bumpers, grill, and other chrome trim was either rechromed or new aftermarket. I soundproofed the cab and installed carpeting and headliner and sound system. Leather bucket seats from a Ford Escape proved to be a perfect fit. The gas tank location was changed from cab to underneath the box for safety and to create luggage space behind the seats. The truck has been finished for two years. My wife and I have taken it on long trips to the interior of the province over mountain passes in the heat of summer and it is a pleasure to drive. Anyone who enjoys this hobby knows that after finishing one, there has to be the "next one". My current restoration project is a 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline 2 door. We used to call this model the fast back or torpedo back and they were the starting point for many hot rod projects. This restoration project (as I'm sure is the case for hundreds of others) is made infinitely easier by companies like The Filling Station that offer parts and technical advice that are not available anywhere else.