Chevrolet Service News – A Wealth Of Information

By Stephen Kassis

Chevrolet Service News was a monthly newsletter sent to Chevrolet dealers. This publication was full of information for the service and sales departments. Technical information on oil pumps to spring shackles, lock cylinders to mufflers, accessories to new car announcements – it was all in these pages!

The Service News was started in 1927 to supply:
“EVERY DEALER with helpful information with which to further develop his business through improved service
EVERY SERVICE MANAGER with assistance in the correct management of his shop and
EVERY MECHANIC with proven correct ways and time-saving methods of making repairs.”

Each issue shows things like specialty tools from Kent Moore, body shop repair methods, dealership layouts for service areas and showrooms, accessory items like bumpers, heaters, and spot lights were all listed for dealership employees. In addition, many fixes for mechanical problems that occurred during the year were featured.

When the new models were announced, the Service News (most often in November or December of the previous year) would show all of the improvements of the new cars. For instance, if you have a 1931 model, you would want to refer to both the 1930 & 1931 Service News issues to see all of the information about your car or truck. New car information was listed in the November 1930 issue, showing the new 1931 features.

Some new car announcement features were quite extensive and take up the entire month’s issue. Wonderfully detailed and precise information is provided to the dealers in this newsletter to make sure dealers had a clear understanding of the new vehicles, problems and fixes.

High quality reprints of this informative publication are available for most years from 1927 through 1957. Most years have 12 issues, packed with information to help restore your Chevrolet back to factory specifications. These are a perfect supplement to shop manual reprints. It is a great way to learn more about the vehicle you are restoring!

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