Installing Tube Shocks On Early Chevrolet Cars & Pickups

By Greg Wheelock

Note: Converting from original lever arm shocks to the more modern tube shocks can give better ride quality on older vehicles. This rear shock conversion was done by our customer Greg Wheelock on his 1937 Chevy Master Deluxe 4-Door Sedan. Text, installation photos and video by Greg Wheelock.

From a Canadian 1938 Chev which came with tube shocks:

My bracket was made to stand away from frame with similar mounting plate design flipped 180 degrees, which helped clear the frame lip, allow more clearance away from floor pan and also avoid the brake line.

My upper bracket was made from a spare 1937 pickup lower shock link to leaf spring bracket, 3/8″ thick. I only had to drill 9/16″ hole for rear frame mounting bolt. The hole for top shock mount already existed, just needed to make 1/2″ diameter. It would be very easy to fabricate from 3/8″ flat stock and without the extra hole.


Filling Station Notes: part numbers for items used in this project:

TR-509 1947-1955 Truck Lower Shock Bracket; FS-985 Universal Shock Absorber Mounting Kit (Dorman 31001); FS-968 1955-1959 Truck Front Shock (Monroe 31000) – NOTE: This shock was used for this specific application based on the length and travel of the shock required. Other vehicles and installations may require different shock absorbers.

For more detail on this installation, be sure to watch Greg’s 15-Minute Video of this installation

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Greg Wheelock

VCCA Member #32607